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Client Reviews

Look no further, Shavina is the best attorney in Howard County

Posted by ANDREA
January 19, 2018

I was placed in contact with her firm through my employer. From the moment I first met her until after our many consultations, calls, and hearings, I could not have chosen a better attorney. Shavina sits with her clients, takes the time to know them, to understand what the issues are, what to expect, and to establish a case (with realistic expectations). She did an OUTSTANDING job representing me, against my ex-husband. She not only represented the issue at hand, but she took the time to educate me about my rights and corrected issues that I thought were not "fixable". She was excellent before, during, and after court proceedings. She took the time to build a defense that stood up MULTIPLE times. Her case was airtight and I still talk about how she executed it, flawlessly. Shavina did the research on the case and explained exactly what to expect in court (I was scared at the time). I still talk about her at least weekly. She is a GREAT attorney. Simply outstanding. If I ever needed an attorney again, Shavina is who I would hire, immediately. She is wonderful.


Divorce case

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
January 18, 2018

Shavina is a very good and competent attorney. Shavina represented me throughout my entire divorce proceedings. Shavina provides a very personal touch making you feel very secure knowing you are not alone during the process. Divorce was a very emotional experience on top of it being intimidating. Shavina provided a sense of calmness explaining every step of the process as well as ensuring I understood the complexity of the state laws. Shavina is very responsive to your requests for information readily available to answer all your questions. If you need someone who will work hard and fight to protect your rights look no further, Shavina is your attorney.

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